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About Us

CeDiSA: a Research Centre for the world of food

CeDiSA, Centro Studi sul Diritto e le Scienze dell'Agricoltura, alimentare e ambiente, was born from the aggregation of academics, professionals, companies and public institutions operating in the agricultural, food and environmental areas.

It aims to provide an open, free, inclusive and scientific discussion forum to explore the topics of greatest interest and actuality in the aforementioned fields.

Tramonto in Toscana
Who we are

CeDiSA was born from the initiative of five Italian universities, determined to create a tool for permanent dialogue between the science and law of agriculture, food, and the environment:

- University of Eastern Piedmont (UniUPO – lead partner);

- University of Turin (UniTO);

- University of Milan Statale (UniMI);

- University of Ferrara (UniFE);

- University of Florence (UniFI);

- University of Pisa (UniPI).

Together with academics, the Centre brings food professionals such as lawyers, business consultants, biologists, doctors, pharmacists, chemists.

Food companies and public institutions are also members of the Research Centre.

Our mission is to create a network of academics and practitioners working in the agri-food supply chain and dealing with all aspects of safety, quality, innovation and environmental impact of food and agricultural production.

We are aiming for strong relationships with stakeholders, to build together a network of knowledge and activities useful for research, training and dissemination of scientific know-how.

For this reason, every year we carry out a programme of monthly meetings for discussion and updating, we support the creation of an inter-sectoral scientific journal (ALIMENTA), and we have created a working group on scientific research to participate in Italian and European calls for tenders in the relevant sectors.

Meet The Team

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